Who we are

We are a prestigious brand in business since 1981...

LARANJINHA is a clothing brand for babies and children, property of the Portuguese industrial textile company Hall & Ca, SA, born in Oporto in 1981. We are proud of dressing today a second generation of little ones from 0 up to 8 years old, to whom we intend to offer a wide range of products – underwear, exteriors and accessories - conceived according to the highest quality standards.

We present a classical yet innovative collection for a medium-high market segment. Laranjinha uses soft raw materials especially for babies - mainly cotton - and a unique design to make children feel comfortable and happy.

Our baby and children clothes are 100% made in Portugal and we are proud to export to more than 20 countries.

All these aspects and the daily effort of all those who cooperate with the company allowed us to reach great achievements both in the national and international markets.

It’s with great pleasure that Laranjinha sees many of its’ dreams come true!

We carry on dreaming and growing up, day by day along with our little customers.