What we do

We work for the little ones...

Our collections are aimed to a group of clients with common demands but unique characteristics. That is why we design several different lines, but always uniform in visual impact. In each of these, you will discover different stories combining themselves in a magical and yet real atmosphere, which is what really makes this brand so unique.

Underwear & Company (00 - 24 months)

Preserving the Baby’s care until his walking stage is at the heart of the conception of each Newborn and Baby collection.

Our favourite raw materials are soft, breathable natural fabrics like cotton as it is comfy and the most suitable for the Baby’s sensitive skin.

On this line you will nd pyjamas, practical wrap-around dresses and accessories such as blankets or bath towels.

But you will also nd exterior garments for everyday life such as delicate rompers, dresses or unique dungarees.

Essentials (00 - 24 months)

Especially designed for newborn Babies and for Babies up to 24 months, pastel colors prevail on this line.

For everyday wear, we think about comfort and ease: we know mothers look for soft, durable clothing that allows Babies freedom to move.

That’s why we have created this line, easy to wear, simple with a special touch, quality clothes that can hold up through frequent washings. You will find a wide assortment of underwear and accessories to help little ones on their daily active life.

Our main challenge is Babies’ comfort: finding the suitable stitching or studying where to place a button ensuring Baby’s skin protection and well-being are only a few examples.

We highlight the antibacterial line developed from certificate raw materials that inhibit the presence of bacteria.

This line is especially recommended for the premature and newborns (available from sizes 00 up to 24 months), the most sensitive age to clothing material.

Wash after wash, the elimination of odors and cotton freshness are ensured.

Babywear (0 - 36 months)

Unique and precious clothes for Babies: exquisite dresses or rompers for a special promenade with parents, knitwear such as cardigans or shorts, onesies and even polo shirts or dresses, you will nd a wide range of baby- wear for every occasion.

And as the Baby grows up, Laranjinha follows his/her rst steps, o ering elegant and exclusive styles with subtle changes each season.

Kids (2 - 6 years)

This is a line for little ones who like to wear cute clothes with beautiful prints and who like to look trendy.

A line designed and produced with the attention to detail that has always characterized the brand.

And we know mothers like to mix & match styles between brothers and sisters: so at Laranjinha you will nd clothes that allow brothers or sisters to wear similar styles! 

Chic Collection (1 month - 6 years)

Reflects a classic and timeless style for special occasions or celebrations.

Focus on the quality of the fabrics, soft tones, delicate patterns and bolder prints to allow the mix & match of looks for Children of di erent age groups.

Elegant dresses and blouses for girls and delicate oxford shirts and shorts for boys will make this special day absolutely perfect.

White & Chic by Laranjinha

White & Chic is a line marked by its first-aid bags and its own fragrance: White & Chic. 

The perfume celebrates the happy childhood days... opens with a chord of citric notes such as tangerine, grapefruit and orange, with a green touch of petitgrain and a slight note of peach and evolves discreetly to a transparent aroma of a oral bouquet of jasmine and narcissus.

The musc blanc and the vanilla base notes create a smooth and comforting mood that represent the maternal affection.