Vision / Products

If every baby is unique, the environment in which it develops should also be!

For this purpose, the "s n u g" studies, designs and develops families of products, mainly textiles, which allow coordinating the baby's identity with the personality of its environment.
Two ranges of new products are released in this first phase:

-Textiles for cradles
-Textiles for baby car seats

Innovative models are developed in both cases, as for example the duvet cover that does not come loose from the mattress over a restless sleep, or the blanket for the baby car seat which allows the passage of seat belts.

It shall be followed by other lines that make sense in this universe: bath, ride, first clothes (clinic), nursing chair...
Creativity and innovation combined with comfort and quality are the commitment of "s n u g" brand to get the desired success.

More than a choice, it's a way of life!