P2020Designation of the project: INTERNATIONALIZATION PROJECT HALL & Cª 2015/2017 nº888

Types of Investment Eligible:
• Knowledge of foreign markets (Fairs / Exhibitions)
• Presence on the web, through the digital economy
• International brand development and promotion (Promotional actions)
• Prospection and presence in international markets (Prospecting and attracting new clients)
• International Marketing
• Introduction of a new method of organization in commercial practices or external relations
• Specific certifications for external markets

Eligible investment: € 415,003.28

Incentive approved: € 186.751,48

Implementation period: 2015/2017

Project Objective: HALL & Cª's internationalization project aims to promote the increase of exports through the development and application of new business models and processes of qualification of the company for internationalization, valuing the immaterial factors of competitiveness, allowing to increase the increase of its base and export capacity. Essentially develops an investment policy that entails the implementation of NEW ORGANIZATIONAL METHODS in the company's business practices, and in its external relations; and the implementation of NEW METHODS OF MARKETING with significant changes in the methods of promotion traditionally practiced by the company.